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Like Pacific
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Earlier this week, A Music Blog, Yea? gave Toronto punk fivesome Like Pacific‘s Chris Thaung a call to discuss making their new release, a mutual love of food, getting haircuts, and Googling. In support of their recently released self-titled EP, the band play Toronto’s Hard Luck tonight for their EP release show. Learn more about them beforehand in our interview below:

AMBY: Hey Chris, thanks for having a chat with AMBY today. How’s it going?

Like Pacific: Not bad, not bad. How about you?

AMBY: I’m good, thanks! You just released your new self-titled EP. Tell me a bit about the experience you had recording it.

Like Pacific: This EP in general was probably the longest process we’ve taken when it comes to recording new music. We wrote those songs, all five of those songs, over a year and a half. We always take our time when it comes to writing, so we took our sweet ass time on this one [laughs] until we were completely happy with it.

AMBY: Even though it was a longer process to finishing the EP, what would you say was one of your favourite moments from creating it?

Like Pacific: To be honest, I would say all of it. It’s sort of a blur at this point because we did that over the course of two or three weekends. I would go in, I would track my parts and leave, and then one of my guitar players would come in. The whole process in general was a different process than anything I’ve ever done. It was a very memorable thing.

AMBY: In support of the EP’s release, you’re soon playing a release show in your hometown on Friday the 13th. You must be pretty psyched for that.

Like Pacific: Definitely! It’s our first hometown show of the year, so the response from our new EP has been really great and we’re expecting some big numbers for the show.

AMBY: Are there any specific songs you look forward to playing and sharing with everyone?

Like Pacific: Suffering, because that was the first song we released as a band who signed to Pure Noise Records and New Damage Records. It was the first taste of a new Like Pacific so I look forward to playing that.

AMBY: Then you’re heading back into the studio to record your debut album! Have you started writing any material for that yet?

Like Pacific: We have about four to six songs right now; four are finished and the other two have the bones and the rough structure.

AMBY: In anticipation of Like Pacific’s release, you were out touring America and just recently got back. What were some things that band liked to do for fun while on the road?

Like Pacific: A lot of eating. We all love food. Not even like the crappy McDonalds food or anything.

AMBY: You’re foodies.

Like Pacific: [laughs] Honestly, our drummer actually has a tally of every place he’s been to in Canada. He and his fiancé eat the craziest meals I’ve ever seen in my life. And my guitar player, Greg, is a chef. We all love food and it’s that one thing as a band that we totally love, aside from music. We all have this need for better food than what the average person would get.

AMBY: Have you come across any hidden gems or places you’re dying to go back to?

Like Pacific: We love going to Grand Electric which is a cool West End taco shop that have a lot of craft beer. That’s another thing this band has in common; we all love craft beer.

AMBY: Nice! A few publications have coined your band with having “the best punk music coming out of Toronto”. With that said, which other bands from Toronto would you recommend our readers give a listen to?

Like Pacific: That’s pretty cool. I’ll take that.

AMBY: You should Google yourself more often [laughs].

Like Pacific: I know, I know! I don’t want to sound… I’ve never done that before, but I might now since you said that.

AMBY and Like Pacific: [laughs]

Like Pacific: From Toronto, definitely check out this band called Junior Battles who are awesome. They’re a band who have been grinding and doing their thing for a while.

AMBY: Being from Toronto, what would you say is your favourite thing to do in your hometown when not making music?

Like Pacific: Other than music?

AMBY: Other than music! I know, it’s a very small world once we’re outside of music.

Like Pacific: I don’t know… We all like to shop and get our hair cut. As bad as that sounds coming from a punk-rock band, we take pride in our style and the way we look. Not because we have to do it and it’s trendy, but because we like clothing and style. It’s something we all collectively like doing.


Thank you Like Pacific, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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