Getting Cozy With: Juno Watt

Juno Watt
Hello AMBY,

I’m Juno Watt a London based producer, writer and performer. My music isn’t exactly conventional, it will continuously change with each release. My first record is called حرية (Hurriyya), which is Arabic for freedom, it’s coming out on the 23rd of Feb on 3nd Records. The idea of the EP was to explore the theme of our lust towards freedom versus society’s obsession with putting ourselves above or below things in life. This dichotomy has provided a creative backdrop to my music. To define a genre seems boring so I’ve set myself the parameters of “Pessimistic Pop” and “Sarcastic Rock”; I’ve written, recorded and produced all the material myself in a way that hopefully projects this.

We’re just about to start playing live in the UK over the next couple of months. The band are sounding tight and are way more pro performers than I am so it should be a good challenge. Hopefully we’ll head west soon.

I’m really looking forward to getting some ears on this music way over in Canada, it would be really interesting to get feedback from you guys.

Follow me, Like me, do all those things people do. We can do with as much online love as possible at these early stages.

Most importantly I hope you enjoy the music!



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