Getting Cozy With: AyOH

We’re AyOH (Pronounced A-O like the letters) from Chicago, IL. featuring Avi Dell on vocals, John Arrotti on drums, Lin Takrudtong on bass, and Austin Russell on guitar.  We’re heavily influenced by song writers that perfected their craft over years of touring and collaboration.  Paul Simon and Bruce Springsteen are two names that come to mind.  Our music is dance/pop infused soul inspired by artists like the Killers and The 1975.

Our shows are sweaty fun.  We bring an immense amount of energy to our stage and people always seem to connect with the raw joy that we emote.   People always leave our shows happy and that makes us happy.  A blogger appropriately dubbed us “Sweaty Blue-Eyed Soul”.

We are releasing our album “Dangerous Questions” on February 24th. This collection of songs is the love child of a long relationship with producer and mentor Steven Gillis (Filter, Naked Raygun, Los Lobos) in collaboration with Transient Sound Studios in Chicago.  We are extremely excited to release this music into the world and share it with all of our friends and supporters.

We are hard at work putting together tour dates in North America and heading down to SXSW in Austin, Texas in March.

Very nice to meet you, and we would love to get to Canada and play for you guys real soon!  Always feel free to shoot us a message on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.


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