Concert Review: Prides @ The Platform – Lincoln

Prides’ success has almost exploded recently, following their Commonwealth Games appearance and the release of some spicy new singles the trio have caught the attention of many. Keeping sythpop alive and driving it in new directions sparked through a variety of influences and genres the bands performances offer something different to the meticulously similar styles of music blaring from some of those smaller venues across the UK. With a more edgy sound the trio have hooked many and rather astonishingly not even released an album yet.

Taking to The Platform in Lincoln to round off their second headline tour of the UK, with a bunch of sell out shows, the heavy campaign certainly didn’t seem to have dampened their spirits. Arriving on stage to the familiar song of ‘Prince Ali’ – a soundtrack from Disney’s Aladdin – roars from the crowd echoed round the boxy venue as the trio hastily walked on stage. Sythn strikes from Stewarts keyboard bounced off the walls of the venue as “Cold Blooded” begun and cheers from the crowd quickly subdued to make way for a mass sing along “I can’t help but count the time”.

Debuting new material is always risky business when playing live, and Prides have been debuting a fair amount of that we can expect to be released on their upcoming album -it is coming, we’ve been promised. “Just Say it” one of those yet to be released tunes stood out in the set and was strikingly good. Connecting with the crowd almost immediately many of those hearing the song for the first time danced along to the infectious melodies and even began to pick up lyrics in the song.

It was no surprise that “Out of the Blue” sparked the liveliest reaction amongst the crowd, as the room lifted off to the sharp and repetitive melody and danced around deliriously. This dancing and singing was by no standards a frenzy of movement however their set captivated almost all throughout the night and with some idle chat from the lads on stage there was definitely a sense the Glaswegians were connecting with the relatively small crowd, putting that little extra into the gig.

Playing their end of year mix tape initially recorded live at The Old Mill Studios was an impressive crowd settler as “Messiah” loomed. A mesh of the bands favourite songs released in 2014, all played with a very Prides synthpop twist saw almost the entirety of the crowd singing along to the likes of Elle Henderson’s “Ghosts” before giggling and dancing to their remixed version of Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy”. This 9 minute long mix tape which includes some of Prides more subtle styled synth and guitar melodies not only brought out Stewarts’ vast voice range but also showed off the bands ability to attractively compile some rather indifferent songs together – it’s pretty incredible.

Closing with “Messiah” lyrics were again sang back to the band as those with energy left still danced and moved around the room. Leaving the stage for the final time on this UK tour the lads now have time to work on releasing an album and with festival season looming there’s still a sense the year has only just begun for Prides.

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