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Michelle Chamuel
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NBC’s The Voice break-out star Michelle Chamuel dropped her highly anticipated debut record Face The Fire on February 10th (available via iTunes here). Filled with dance-floor tempos and her soaring vocals, we were delighted to recently speak with Michelle to discuss album titles, lessons from The Voice, and kick ass musicianship! Here’s what she had to say:

AMBY: Hey Michelle, welcome to AMBY. To get acquainted, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Michelle Chamuel: Hey everyone! This is Michelle, nice to meet you :D.  Most people would describe me as nerdy, enthusiastic, extremely literal, and intensely thoughtful. I love adjectives, making music and I love sound. Some of the things I’ve been studying in depth lately are music production, music engineering, playing drum kit, graphic design, electric bass, and bicycles.

AMBY: You just released your solo record Face The Fire, congrats! Do you have any plans to celebrate its release?

Michelle Chamuel: Thank you! Yes, I will have many celebrations, some involving gluten free pizza.

AMBY: What were some of the highlights you had while recording the debut?

Michelle Chamuel: Man, I love the way “Golden” came together. A little backstory, I wrote, performed, recorded, arranged, and produced this album with two of my good friends and incredibly talented musicians – Theo Katzman and Tyler Duncan. When I brought the nugget “Golden” to the writing sessions, it was amazing how quickly that piece came together.  And fun too!

AMBY: When it comes to the title, why did you decide to call the record Face The Fire?

Michelle Chamuel: Titling an album I something I’ve only had the privilege of doing a handful of times and traditionally, an album title is a lyric from a song on the album or one of the song-titles. When it came time to name this album, I thought about what concept most represented the the cohesive tethering feeling in the center, went through all the lyrics and titles, I tried to think of other words to describe what I was feeling. “Face The Fire” was the most clear representation of my feeling. The feeling of being true to one’s own passion and self.

AMBY: What are some valuable lessons you learned from being on The Voice that you apply to being an artist now?

Michelle Chamuel: Some valuable lessons I learned from being on The Voice that I apply to being an artist now are using the questions posed to me in interviews at the beginning of my answers. Tee hee. Also, another thing that comes to mind – on the show, we were continually encouraged to communicate directly with the audience. In the past, I’ve used music as the only way of communicating. It’s been a very humbling and emotionally expanding experience to also address audiences directly as myself.

AMBY: If you could trade places with another artist in the industry for a day, who would it be and what would you do?

Michelle Chamuel: Hmmmm, my first instinct is to say Max Martin and learn more about how he writes and produces the way he does. But my final answer is Pierre De Reeder (of Rilo Kiley) to learn more about his production/engineering style and kick ass musicianship. I love the music he makes, and his guitar playing is super tasteful.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s a fun MC Fact about yourself that nobody knows yet?

Michelle Chamuel: Oh my! The fun fact of today is that I know how to juggle three round items at one time! And if good teeth care excites you, I floss my teeth every night.


Thank you Michelle Chamuel, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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