Getting Cozy With: Miss Velvet

Miss Velvet
Photo by Luisa Opelesky

Miss Velvet is the personification of my personal journey. This journey began at a time when I was lost in search of myself — of who I was going to be after coming to grips with the loss of my innocence. I discovered that Nick Littlemore (of Empire of the Sun and Pnau) was a great poet, so at his invitation I packed up and headed to Los Angeles. We went into his studio — old school style — and began to explore my story through song.

We started with vinyl and must have listened to hundreds on that first day. We started in the early afternoon and working non-stop, by dawn the next morning, we discovered that my life’s story had materialized into a musical narrative consisting of 17 songs. Nick and I excavated the musical, cinematic and pop culture treasures of the 60’s and 70’s. The beginnings of Miss Velvet were born. By the time we’d finished the basic concept, our team for the album had expanded to include Peter Mayes (Pnau), Henry Hey (collaborated and plays for David Bowie), Eddie Kramer (collaborated and produced albums for Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, David Bowie and Carly Simon), and Martin Kraft.

The result of Nick and I’s collaboration sits in a whimsical universe – one that’s raw and somewhere between dreams and nightmares.

We are excited to share a few selections from this musical narrative in an upcoming EP release. Below is a glimpse of the world we have created.


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