Getting Cozy With: Courts

Hello AMBY, we’re Courts, a guitar band from Basildon. We first came about when Joe, Dan, and Chris met at college and started playing together. Dan’s brothers Reece and Luke joined later on.

Its difficult for us to describe our sound but the BBC said we “make use of the word ‘funky’ acceptable again”. We’ve had a UK version of Red Hot Chili Peppers thrown our way and someone else said we sound like Stereo MC’s which to us makes a decent sounding combination. It’s not one we’d have ever thought of ourselves though.

We take a lot of influence from older stuff and while you can hear that in the songs, the sound is more contemporary. Between us we listen to a lot of old funk, disco, hip-hop and soul, as well a load of other stuff individually too. This is what mainly inspires the tunes along with the thought of being able to make music everyday instead of getting up for work in the morning.

Vocally the influence would come mainly from grime and hip-hop which brings a more modern element to it all. Everything is written in our make shift studio which is basically an old lock up on some industrial estate.

Musically it’s difficult for us to say exactly what type of band we are, apart from one that makes guitar based music. We like to think of ourselves as a live band, so at the gigs we put in a lot of energy and people seem to really vibe off it. The thing we’ve noticed at our shows is the variation in the types of people that keep coming out to see us, its really encouraging and makes us want to carry on working even harder. You can see us play at Hoxton Underbelly on 20th March, a show we are all really looking forward to.

‘Part Of’ is our debut single released March 23rd. The song’s message is basically to not give up and to keep following your dreams, there’s a lot of other things in there, but are best left interpreted by the listener.


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