You’ve GOT to Hear This: Public Access T.V. – “In The Mirror”

Public Access T.V.
As someone who literally obsesses over every Strokes song, I’m always looking for a band that has the same sort of Velvet Underground kind of vibe.

Straight out of Downtown New York City, Public Access T.V. generates an indie rock track called In The Mirror. With a mixture of catchy vocals and guitar riffs that are sure to bring about some ‘79 nostalgia, this contagious tune certainly does not disappoint. By combining the catchiness of a pop song and the laid back feel of a garage rock track, the result is a euphoric tune that can be easily boasted from a convertible whilst drumming a steering wheel. This is clearly proven in their music video.

These guys have been gaining quite a bit of buzz recently and for good reason. It’s been awhile since a group has simply pulled off a new wave sound. Who better than a new New York band? At the moment, the band only has two releases: The Rebounder EP which contains four songs and, of course, their single In The Mirror. Their debut album is slated to be released sometime in 2015.

All in all, Public Access T.V. produce solid melodies and throw in a distinct sound into the mix. For what it’s worth, they’ve got my stamp of approval.

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Review by Jaylene Lopez | @jyuackinsocray

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