Roulette Wins

Dedication to an art from is a lot like placing bets at a casino; most people will tell you that it’s a bad idea until you win big. When enduring the societal demand for a round peg job in a round hole when you were born to be a square peg is a gamble that many creative types are willing to make. At Roulette, a resource dedicated to providing a place where a community of experimental musicians, artists, and performers can form and has been formed, this palpable balance between taking a chance on a passion comes to life.

With almost 40 years of making ripples in the music community, you know that their gamble paid off, and then some, and continues to pay off today as they so aptly put it on their page. Formed in 1978 by Jim Staley, David Weinstein, and Dan Senn, Roulette was once a small group putting on untried music, dance, and intermedium performances in a variety of small Brooklyn lofts in front of small audiences. After gaining recognition and support by people and organizations that recognized the importance of musical ingenuity, they were able, in 2011, to open up a 400-seat theater that boasts both exceptional acoustics and the equipment to match. Now a large voice in the New York City, national, and international music scene, they’re living, breathing proof that a passion project backed by those who believed it wasn’t just a gamble, but the filament of a void that people were demanding (whether they knew it yet or not), can turn into one of the most important resources for musicians, artists, and performers both up-and-coming and established in the modern day.

When playing Roulette, the so called “house edge” can be an intimidating force. Here, playing with Roulette lowers that house edge considerably. They say there’s power in numbers, and that’s very true in the artistic community if nowhere else. As a musician, performer, artist, or passionate patron, you can easily become part of the Roulette community. Whether you want to become a member or donate, or apply to their internship program, you can become a part of this continuously growing group of like-minded individuals. You can also volunteer, and to really participate in taking a chance on your creative field, you can submit a proposal for a performance piece.

If you’re not near New York City, Roulette has plenty of other resources that can prove incredibly useful, including RouletteTV, with live streams and videos of their performances, as well as an online store full of contemporary dance pieces, music composition books and albums, gear, and more. Their inspirational blog articles and outlets for children are just the icing and the cherry on the cake.

If you’re striving to make a difference, to get your voice heard, to be a creative at any capacity, you’re already at least halfway there. Roulette was a gamble, a bet on passion that won and wins. Bet everything you have, spin the reel, and have the ball land in the pocket where it may, because in the game of life, in the game of Roulette, and in the Roulette community, you can’t win unless you play, and you shouldn’t play unless you want to win. In most cases, no one will bet on you unless you bet on yourself first. Bet it all on number one.

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