Getting Cozy With: IRO

IROSince this place is so cozy and all, I think it would be a perfect opportunity to be honest and therefore tell you the truth or “a truth”.

I’m originally Ori. First time I made an omelette I cracked the eggs and then turned on the stove. That’s why I call myself Iro. I do things differently. Opposite. I’ll add that these days I can in fact make proper eggs.

Spent the last three years discovering why I love music. It was really the time of my life traveling around the world and playing outside/inside/underground/everywhere for people, for myself. Hungry, satisfied, curious beautiful souls who made me feel like I’m there playing in a moment arranged by the production teams of fate.

I decided to record some of those days, nights and experiences into this EP and soon to be album. It’s there to be your bitch for any time you want to use it for a quick feeler.

Really happy to be doing this for a living and it’s always just beginning.

That’s that :)



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