Getting Cozy With: Youth Club

Youth Club
Hi Amby,

Nice to meet you, we’re Youth Club from Southend.

The band is made up of are brothers Danny and Joe on guitar and almost brothers Gerry on vocals and Rees on drums. When we play live we’re joined by Silas on electronic keys and BV’s and Davey on bass

We draw influence from artists like Phoenix, Bruno Mars, The Strokes, and Two Door Cinema Club.

Working on our new EP Brothers was a really exciting and fun experience. We had a rough idea on what we were going for, but as always we let things develop naturally in the studio. Our normal mode of practice is to produce the songs completely in the studio, then take them into rehearsals to recreate them into live songs. This was the approach we used for our debut release ‘Colours’. This method has worked really for us as we consider ourselves very much a studio band that like to blend programmed elements with the live instruments. However saying that, this time around when we started looking at which songs to use for ’Brothers’ I think without knowing it we reversed the process a little. After playing many festivals over the summer last year it had inspired us to bring more vibe from our live performances into the recordings. This can be heard in the bigger, wider, and more ambient sounds on some of the songs on the record.

We’re looking forward to playing lots of festivals over the summer and releasing more new music very soon. Thanks having us!

Lots of love The YC Boys x


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