You’ve GOT to See This: July Talk – “Someone”

July Talk
After releasing their self-titled debut in 2012 on Sleepless Records, July Talk, the Toronto based indie rockers, still have a lot to be excited about. First off, they are still on the touring circuit and they’ve recently signed a deal with Island Records – the label will release the self-titled debut in the United States on March 3. Oh, and they’ve also released their sixth video, this one for the track “Someone”.

In the video the band rocks out in a furious manner in a dingy motel room. Among scenes of the grimy motel which “reeked of cigarettes, damp mould, and sadness”, it also features quick shots of singer Leah Fay who sits fully-dressed in a filled bathtub.

Fay describes the concept of the video: “The idea for the ‘Someone’ video was to place July Talk in the aftermath of an all-night party in a dingy motel room. So there we were, performing for the walls, a song of co-dependence, broken romance and poisonous relationships. At the time of shooting this video, we only knew how to do one thing very well; rehearse, while drunk, in our tiny all-we-could-afford rehearsal space. We would play so frenetically and chaotically that you’d be lucky to leave a rehearsal with all of your limbs intact. It seems director Matt Greyson knew just how to capture us in that motel room that summer day. Little did we know that we’d be sleeping, five to a room, in motels just like this one for our next year on the road. This video stands as a document of how July Talk came to be.”

Check out the video for “Someone” below, and click here for all of our interviews and features with the band. July Talk are on tour now.

Review by Sean Carlin | @seancarlin89

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