Getting Cozy With: Tall Tales and the Silver Lining

Tall Tales and the Silver Lining
Hey there, Toronto and united music lovers of the world! My name is Trevor Beld Jimenez. I write the songs and play instruments with my bandmates and friends as Tall Tales and the Silver Lining. We have a new record which came out on Feb 24th on Other Music Recording Co. called “Tightropes”. My wife, daughter, and I live in a neighborhood of Los Angeles called Glassell Park. Most of the band lives on this side of town. Less traffic and flash. More mellow. I think you might like it.

Lately, I’ve been listening to Michael Franks’ “The Art of Tea” record. Check it out! But first please check out our record “Tightropes.” It was recorded in Glassell Park at ARW Studios by Joel Jerome (Manimal Records).

The single you’re listening to is called “Something To Believe In”. It’s about how we all get pulled into despair,  but when you have something to believe in, in my my case true love, it will bring you right back. Hope you enjoy the track. Take it easy.


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