You’ve GOT to Hear This: Emile Haynie – “Wait For Life (feat. Lana Del Rey)”

Emile Haynie
You’ve probably never heard the name “Emile Haynie”, but you’re most definitely familiar with his work. A music producer from New York, Haynie has worked with artists from Eminem and Kanye West to Lana Del Rey and The Neighbourhood.

Grammy winner Haynie released We Fall, his debut studio album, last month. We Fall includes collaborations with more than a dozen artists, ensuring something for everyone’s taste.

Out of the songs on the record, my favorite is “Wait For Life”, featuring the talented Lana Del Rey (who has also recently announced her upcoming record, Honeymoon). Within the first thirty seconds, it is clear to the listener how well the styles of Haynie and Del Rey mesh.

A contrast to her most recent Ultraviolence record, Del Rey goes back to the familiar Born To Die style in this dreamy track, which beautifully features Del Rey’s notorious siren-like vocals and hauntingly poetic lyrics.

The song begins with a melancholy (almost country-esque) guitar, which is later joined by the cinematic strings infamously associated with Del Rey and her “Old Hollywood” vibe. The listener will be automatically transported back to the times of Born To Die when they hear the all too familiar bird ambiance sound played throughout the background of the song. Lana chimes in perfectly with her signature mournful-sounding wails, creating a heavenly vibe that can only be achieved by Del Rey herself.

Purchase the album on iTunes here.

Review by Ginny Boehm | @ginnyboehm

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