Getting Cozy With: Theya

I am Theya, a 19 year old singer/songwriter from Somerset. I enjoy gigging with my lovely band at local venues and parties but i also love songwriting days and time in the studio working on new ideas and developing my songwriting. People often say ‘how does such a massive voice come from someone so small’ and i am always scaring the sound guys and they quickly have to turn my mic down, but i love what i do!

My music is mainly piano based with influences such as Lana Del Rey, Gabrielle Aplin, and Amy Winehouse. I also have a huge obsession with Tom Odell (HUGE doesn’t quite describe it well enough) and his close-to-the-heart style of writing has been a huge influence to me recently.

I have just released my second single ‘All Things Get Easier’ and am currently writing and recording my debut EP which i hope to release this year. I also hope to do my first tour this year, Somerset is great but i hope to venture slightly further afield and i can’t wait!

Thanks for reading and thanks for listening to my single, I hope you like it and would love to hear from you!

love Theya x


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