Concert Review: Magic Man and Panama Wedding @ The Garrison – Toronto

It was Panama Wedding’s first time playing in Toronto, and they definitely put on a great first impression. Even though they were opening for Magic Man, it was clear to see that they already had fans that came to see them play live. For the people that weren’t fans from before, they definitely are one now. Panama Wedding won the crowd over playing songs like ‘Uma’ and ‘All of the People’. To me, Panama wedding is like what a modern indie Phil Collins would be like, and I don’t mind it at all. They played a great live show that started the night out on a great note. Magic Man definitely chose the right band to have them open for them. To quote Panama Wedding’s lyric in ‘All of the People’-“All of the people stand, standing to wait”…well, the crowd definitely weren’t standing and waiting, but they were dancing to their live performance.

This was my fourth time seeing Magic Man live and I still can’t get enough of them. I always have a great time. Having them play at The Garrison was a great place for their show as it was up close and personal. And even though the venue was already pretty hot inside, it didn’t stop the band and fans from dancing.

One of the reasons why I love going to Magic Man’s shows is because of the vibe they exude. Their songs are already upbeat and happy on the record, but it’s a whole new feeling seeing them play it live. You can definitely feel the passion from the band playing and see that they’re having fun as well. This puts the crowd in a good mood and everyone’s happy.

I can’t say that the band played only their hit songs off of their ‘Before the Waves’ album. This is because every song they performed was a hit with the crowd. There was not one performance that I did not enjoy and dance to. Even when they played a new song, which has a title yet to be released, I was still jamming to it and it made me more excited to hear what else new will be coming out of Magic Man. However, Magic Man didn’t forget about their old songs and played tracks off of their ‘Real Life Color’ EP, such as ‘Darling’ and ‘South Dakota’, which was awesome to see them play live.

Magic Man play great live, and they’re such an easy band to love. They always spend time interacting with their fans after the show, and it just feels like a big Magic Man family just hanging out. If you haven’t checked them out already, do it now, try and catch their show, and don’t be shy to stick around at the end to chat with them.

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Review by Tiffany Lee (@t4nee)

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