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Three Days Dark
Dear AMBY readers, wherever you are,

I’m Trent Halliday, and I’m currently releasing music under the recording alias Three Days Dark, from a patch of countryside on the boarder of Essex and Hertfordshire in England. I’m surrounded by tall Chestnuts, aging Oaks, deer and a colony of rooks that play in the wind. There’s a tiny stormtrooper guarding an Orange amp on a speaker in front of me, and a book called The Rattle Bag propping up a black tambourine.

I started with guitar and began writing and recording songs on a ‘borrowed’ 4-track tape-recorder when I was 14. I did a degree in world music. I listened to buckets of psyche-rock, folk, jazz, blues, dub, anything and everything; I watched animation; made strange electronic soundscapes; fiddled with beats; read comics; performed as an acoustic singer/songwriter; and co-formed a garage-rock band. I draw as much as I can, mainly in black ink, but I’m coming around to the idea that we need more colour in our lives.

Three Days Dark is like a drawing together of all these different musical experiences into surprising movements through song. You could call it psyche. I try to make each song have it’s own identity and character of sound, like eccentricities from psychedelic albums of the 60’s and 70’s by Floyd, Os Mutantes and David Bowie. I also like setting the minimalist repetition of groups like Can against a sort of maximalism, where the sound is so dense and layered it becomes a giant amorphous texture.

All the instrumental parts are performed in complete takes, I improvise some, and mix in weird textures on electric guitar and anything else I can find to hand (I once time-stretched a colander). Most of all, I try to let my imagination take over.

The debut Three Days Dark album was self-released at the end of 2013, and I’m now working on the second, set for digital release in April. Artist and musician Elisabeth Tetlow, who painted the front cover for the first album, is singing on this next one, and we’re really excited about all the new material. I hope to release both albums on vinyl this year, and I’ll be getting a live band together to perform material from them as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading.

All the best,


P.S. I just released the second single from the forthcoming album ‘Some Days’ along with its very own B-side ‘Violet Sunrise’.


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