You’ve GOT to See This: Bad Suns – “Salt”

Bad Suns
The music video for the song “Salt” by Bad Suns was released in November of 2014 and if you haven’t already seen it, you’ve been missing out.

The combination of stunning visuals and articulate lyrics will more than likely strike a chord with anyone who sees it. Salt narrates the journey of a person struggling with their gender identity, their place in the world, and acceptance of who they are. Both the choreography and cinematography alike are masterfully crafted, making it hard to look away. You won’t want to.

The video was directed by Daniel “Cloud” Campos and Campos’ wife, Tamara Levinson, choreographs and stars in the video. The pacing is fast, without being hard to follow. Transitions are seamless and Campos show great attention to detail. Campos uses straight forward images of drug abuse, sexual harassment, and attempted suicide to bring across the meaning behind the song.

The band’s lead singer and guitarist, Christo Bowman, has said that inspiration for the song came from several conversations he and fellow band members (Gavin Bennett – bass, Ray Libby – guitar, Miles Morris – drums) have had with a friend struggling with their gender identity. In order to keep the song upbeat and add a light of positivity to it, the melancholy lyrics were overlaid with a strong drum beat and funky guitar.

Tackling the serious subject matter could not have been easy, but Bad Suns was able to produce a song with both deep meaning and good vibes. The video is nominated for Best Video at this year’s mtvU Woodie Awards. Their debut album, Language and Perspective, was released in June 2014 and we look with eager eyes for more to come.

Interview by Emily Chavarie | @emily_chavarie

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