Getting Cozy With: Tyrone Wells

Tyrone Wells
Photo by Ryan Longnecker

Hey there.  Tyrone Wells here.  I’m a singing, songwriting, son of a preacher, husband of an island girl, father of a bossy little 3 year old girl and a little diaper wearing newborn chica.

I started in a totally UN American Idol way. I played a tiny coffee shop for years in Southern California on Thursday nights, and a good buzz kept it growing and moving to bigger rooms.

I’ve been hired to play my music at NFL quarterback parties, floating festivals, noisy bars that could care less, the NY Attorney Generals swearing in their oath of office at the Met in NYC, countless weddings (even a lot of proposals), and at the bedside of dying children.  I play for those that will listen.  And that number, thank God, keeps growing.  My music has been featured 60+ times on TV and Film.

I’m a Troubadour.  I love writing and performing music.  I aim for the heart and I like where this is going.


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