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Bad Suns
Before their very first headlining show in Toronto, A Music Blog, Yea? had the chance to sit down with Californian-natives, Bad Suns, to talk a bit about nerves before performing on Jimmy Kimmel, any new material they’re working on whilst on the road, and their upcoming summer festival dates. Read along with the interview below, and watch our conversation here:

Lauren: Hey guys, this is Lauren from A Music Blog, Yea? and I’m sitting down with the guys from Bad Suns today. How are you all doing today?

All: Doing great! Really good.

Lauren: Awesome. So you guys are on your first headlining tour – how is that treating you all so far?

Christo: It’s been great. Yeah, it’s pretty amazing to have our own show, and to have the opportunity to finally set up our own shows. There are a lot less limitations than there are when you’re, you know, a support band.

Lauren: That’s good! So, a lot of the shows are actually sold out (I was checking the tour online) – so did you expect such a positive response from all your fans across North America?

Christo: You can’t really expect a thing like that, but when you come upon it, it’s really great.

Lauren: So over the past year you guys have been opening for amazing bands like The Neighbourhood, The 1975, and New Politics. Although it’s hard to choose, could you pick one favourite tour you’ve been on, and any special moments from the tour?

Ray: I think this tour is probably going to be our favourite one as a collective. Just because it is our headlining tour and it’s our show.

Lauren: You guys actually performed on Jimmy Kimmel recently, so congrats on that. Did you guys have any nerves you had to come over before you were performing or any pre-performance rituals you had to do?

Gavin: I feel like that whole day wasn’t nerve wracking at all because, downstairs in the green room area, they had video games in it, which kind of felt like you were just hanging out. We only rehearsed or played the song through 2 or 3 times. But I remember when we got on stage and I saw everybody that it all hit at once. It was terrifying but then it was over.

Lauren: Awesome. Well, it was a great performance; I watched it live and it was just so cool seeing you guys on TV! So you guys have been touring in support of your new album that came out, Language and Perspective. Congrats on the release actually. I’ve been loving and listening to it. So since it was released last June, are you guys writing any new material for anything upcoming, like a new EP or a new album?

Christo: Yeah! I think we’re constantly in the state of writing. We were already starting to write this album probably before the last one was finished. We are always kind of trying to think ahead – so the short answer is, yes!

Lauren: Awesome. So I just wanted to talk about the release of the new music video for the song, ‘Salt’ – it was beautifully choreographed, and I just wanted to ask what it means to you all, and the whole gender identity crisis that occurred in the video. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Christo: Sure. Well, I mean, the song was written, or is about a close friend of mine. And when I wrote this song, I wasn’t thinking about a music video for it when it was written, obviously. So when it was chosen as a single, I figured that with the music video we could try and do something and say something. I don’t know. So, basically, we were trying to find a director and I kind of just pointed out… well, we had seen a few treatments which were all sort of just ‘OK’, and I just pointed out to the people at the company that we were working with that it would be really nice to touch on the subject, and sort of bring the lyrics, er, shine some light upon them. So the director that we ended up going with, Daniel Campos, he sent over a treatment that was just great, and we just let it go in his hands.

Lauren: Well, it was a really lovely video, and I enjoyed watching it over and over. Actually, you guys are playing Coachella later this year, so congrats on that! There’s a huge line up this year. Can you talk about any nerves you have, or any bands that you’d like to see at the festival?

Gavin: Um, I’m really excited to see Drake.

Lauren: Yeah! Well, we are in his hometown, too, so…

Christo: Yeah, there are a bunch of great bands playing. And I think it’s really cool for us cause that is one of the first festivals that me and Gavin went to. And that was kind of around the time the band was starting to come together. It was, like, 2011. So that whole period, it sort of formed around Coachella and it almost feels sort of full circle now.

Lauren: Awesome.

Miles: It’s like a big deal to be a band from California, and play like, for your friends and all that. You kind of feel differently when you’re from that area and it’s like, you’re playing Coachella, now, it’s such a big deal – it’s just really cool.

Lauren: Okay. And to finish off – what’s something that fans may not know about Bad Suns or any inside tips on tour that you guys have? Anything that you’re willing to share, I guess!

Miles: (to Gavin) Do you got something?

Gavin: No.

Christo: It’s just, when you’re touring, you want to be a band, and there are a lot of assumed prerequisites and a lot of assumed details as to what goes on. A lot of it is just rest and be able to play shows everyday. And that’s what I’m going to do now. There are a lot of sick people on the bus, and it’s great.

Lauren: Yeah, everybody always seems to have the sniffles around this time of year. Well, I’d like to thank you guys for sitting down with A Music Blog, Yea? today and we cannot wait for your sold out show tonight at The Garrison. Also, welcome back to The Garrison because you guys played here last year. You opened for another band… but I believe that the band…

Christo: They didn’t show.

Lauren: Yea, so it was a solo show! Well, there are a lot of fans waiting outside so I cannot wait to see the show later on!

All: Thank you very much!

Lauren: Thank you!


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Interview by Lauren D’Souza | @laurendsuz

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