Gimme Your Answers: An Interview w/ Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown

In our recent interview, New York singer-songwriter Rachel Brown graciously took the time to speak with A Music Blog, Yea?. Dive into our interview below as we discuss collaborating, an upcoming album, Taylor Swift, and how practice makes perfect.

AMBY: Hey Rachel, welcome to AMBY. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Rachel Brown: Thank you. I’m Rachel Brown, I’m a singer-songwriter from New York City, though I’m backed by a full band of a seven-and-counting musicians from all over the world.

AMBY: You released a new single titled Me & You, congrats! What were your biggest inspirations while writing the song?

Rachel Brown: Thank you. This was a co-wirite, so I really fed off the other writer and producer who were involved. The original demo had a different sound, and that inspired the melody I wrote, which then inspired Rob Giles who worked on the lyrics. After the song was finished, I thought it would pair well with a bigger beat, which is what lead to the production you’re hearing now.

AMBY: The track was co-written by yourself, Rob Giles (The Rescues), and Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Gym Class Heroes) and produced by Grammy-winning producer and engineer Scott Jacoby. What was the experience like collaborating with these talented writers and producer?

Rachel Brown: Incredible. Co-writing can be intimidating especially when you’re used to writing on your own, but once you loosen up it’s really wonderful to be able to bounce ideas off each other and build on each other’s work.

AMBY: This single is the first follow-up to your debut EP Building Castles. Can fans expect an EP or album in the near future?

Rachel Brown: Yes, putting the finishing touches on one as we speak!

AMBY: What advice would you give to artists with no formal musical training who want to get into the industry?

Rachel Brown: Practice really does make perfect, work at your craft and get as much experience as you can. You have to be creative to get your voice heard these days, so once you’ve found your angle, think of ways to stand out (that are, of course, still true to who you are as an artist)

AMBY: If you could trade places with another artist in the industry for a day, who would it be and what would you do?

Rachel Brown: That’s a tough one – but I think I would be curious to see what a day in the life of Taylor Swift is like. Or Beyonce. I don’t know, go big or go home!

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about Rachel Brown that nobody knows yet?

Rachel Brown: I’m a lefty? I play guitar right-handed at the suggestion of the guy who sold me my first guitar. He said it would be easier in the future if anyone wanted to show me how to play something. It was a struggle, but I’m grateful for that advice because there have been many times when my band and I couldn’t hear my guitar playing out of the stage monitors and I’ve just turned to my guitarist or bassist so they can decipher the key from where my fingers were placed.


Thank you Rachel Brown, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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