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Time for T
Photo by Jen O’Brien

Hello AMBY,

Nice to get cosy with you so soon.

We are a bunch who all dreamed of playing music and moved to Brighton, UK from all corners of Europe and England in pursuit of this. Starting off as a solo project, we soon met at parties and shows and ended up playing together in the bass players bedroom. The different backgrounds and the common love for ‘World Music’ ended up playing a big part in our sound. Most people call it eclectic but we have now narrowed it down to ‘Tropical Folk Rock’. We dig everything from Bod Dylan to Fela Kuti. We like to get a room going when we play live but we also want people to listen to the songs and the stories therein. We have recently released our self-titled and, in many respects, our real debut EP via BBE Records. It is a good EP to put on in the car and drive, drive, drive. If you don’t want to listen to it in the car, hopefully it will take you on a journey anyway as it is very genre defying little album.

We have been playing a lot of shows in England, France, Spain, and Portugal. We love touring, there’s a certain freedom you get when you are a bunch of friends driving to new places on a mission to play music. It’s sometimes hard and smelly but oh so gratifying. Recently did a few Solo Shows in New York (not too far from you, AMBY) and the response was incredible. People seem to take their music very seriously in your part of the world. We really want get out to Canada and the US soon. In the meantime, please have a listen or a watch of our songs and videos here on the big web so you will know the lyrics by the time we get out there.

Please keep in touch, we have some nice things cooking in the oven.



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