Getting Cozy With: Anna O

Anna O
Hello all the way from Australia!

I am Anna O, an indie pop/electronic artist from Perth, Western Australia. I like to think that my songs sound like James Blake and Jessie Ware had a musical baby.

My live show consists of myself on vocals, my drummer/track guru/live sampler Nathan and our shiny new member Josh who plays synth and electric guitar. I always get told that our sound is a lot bigger live than it is on the recordings, in a good way! I’m really proud of the show we’ve put together and I can’t wait for the day when we can take it outside of Australia as well. I’m looking at you, Canada.

The latest release ‘Symphony’ is my favourite song to date and the lead single from my upcoming EP. Symphony was recorded with Rhys Machell at his home studio in Perth (which has now relocated to Auckland so maybe I’ll be making an album in New Zealand! Ooh yeeaaahhh.)

I am currently working on as many new tunes as I can with my band and getting ready for a move over East. Exciting times ahead!


Anna O


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