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The Good Mad
Dear AMBY reader,

Hello! It’s us. If you’re reading this, then most certainly you have at some point in your life decided that you like music. We have found this phenomenon to be quite common among people. We are The Good Mad. Our names, in no particular order, are Andy, Allie, and Adam. This band has been going for almost four years now, and our latest release is a new EP called “Face your Feels”. We started this project a little on the folkier side of things, mostly due to the fact that we were holding acoustic instruments and enjoy singing harmonies. Like most things that are alive, the band has developed and grown. We still play the acoustic instruments sometimes, but we also play with amps and electric guitars, bass and drums. You have probably heard of those things before, they are a ton of fun to mess around on. They are also very useful and exciting when writing songs. Hashtag blessed. Excuse me, hashtag: blessed. And when did the phone number sign (#) become the term “hashtag”? I even heard a telephone operator voice request that I press the “hash” button. This was quite confusing but now it’s simply in the lexicon and we must accept it as such. A similar change has occurred with the word “literally”. It is not always used literally. Literally. Anyhow, we love making music and we love listening to it too. I mean, it really is the best. It is literally the best. (?) Best of what? Great question. We would like to end this on something “f & f”. That stands for “Friendly and familiar”. Cheers!


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