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“We’re pretty fucking two-dimensional people.”

Aussie rockers Pond released their psychedelic trippy album Man It Feels Like Space Again at the end of January. Touring once again in the UK, and leaning heavily on their newer material, we had the chance to speak with Nick Allbrook (lead vocals, guitar), Joseph Ryan (guitar, vocals), and Jamie Terry (keyboard, vocals) just before sound check at their gig in Sheffield. Enjoy the interview below as we discuss their favourite thing about the UK, footloose vibes, and space rock.

AMBY: So, how are you guys?

Jamie: We’re good man, we’ve been in the UK for a couple of weeks now and it’s just all good.

AMBY: What’s your favourite thing about being in the UK?

Joe: Tea! we were in Dublin the other day and there’s this tea I really like and I must have bought like 150 bags of this tea to take back with me.

Jamie: Ales too, we like to drink all the ale type beers there is here, like this farmers blonde. There’s lots of different ones to try and were always giving them a go.

AMBY: What about your least favourite thing about being in the UK? If there is any of course.

Jamie: The truck stop food is shiiiiit.

AMBY and Pond: [laughs]

Joe: I dunno… the gigs seem to be on quite early like nine o’clock like tonight’s, its kinda hard to bring yourself to ease and find your feet before you go on stage. Your kinda full and can’t really move around and just feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

AMBY: Your new album Man It Feels Like Space Again was released at the end of January, are there any songs of that album you enjoy playing live the most or that crowds have reacted to the best?

Jamie: The last ones pretty fun I guess, and Elvis’ Flaming Star seems to go down pretty well every time.

Nick: No one can go past like the faith feel…the footloose vibes.

Jamie: We’re also working out how to play Baby’s On Fire by Brain Eno too.

Nick: We’ve done a bunch of covers but they never really seem to stick around for long, like we’ve done another Brain Eno song and we used to do a lot more intense songs with lots of shouting. So when we weren’t maybe so good we’d just compensate that by being really intense, whereas now we don’t do that so much and just make the songs as good as we can.

AMBY: Has there been any venue in the UK which has stood out from the rest so far?

Nick: I dunno, everywhere seems to get so much more rowdy in the UK than over the channel. It’s like in the UK there’s all this pent up aggression and repression, so they go out to see a gig to just like get rid of the whole weeks cold and dreariness. Stuff like explodes in this enormous fun but over in Europe its like y’know they’ve just spent their whole week eating soft cheese and drinking Rosé its kinda like “oh maybe we go see the show before dinner”, so over here it’s just so good playing to crowds like that.

AMBY: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen whilst touring in the UK so far?

Nick: Erm travel Scrabble?

Jamie: Joe and I were in Dublin and some young thug was trying to steal a homeless ladies jar of coins and he was like wrestling with her, and he finally like got free and like pulls it off her and then goes to run away, and then just nuts himself on a bollard right behind him and fell over.

Joe: And then these two people jumped on him and it turned out they were undercover police men so they had their pistols drawn and they cuffed him straight away. Like the justice league on the streets of Dublin.

Jamie: Instant karma man.

AMBY: When looking at the genres you guys have almost been categorized in theses so much variation, one that caught my eye was ‘Space Rock’. What do you think to that?

Nick: Erm genres are hard, because you can sort of take them as like what you’ve compared to other bands have been called. Like ‘Space Rock’ we don’t really sound like that, but then you can just invent your own like appraisal of what ‘Space Rock’ is and can make anything fit to yourself.

Joe: I guess we just try to be as honest as we can whilst writing songs, we try to make the song that I’d like to hear on the radio or whatever.

Nick: It’s not even trying with all our might to do something that different it’s just saying what we like.

AMBY: Have you ever received any strange gifts from fans?

Nick: Nothing that strange but then I suppose any gift from a fan is strange, when it’s a complete stranger who’s giving you a sort of crudely drawn picture of you like Napoleon Dynamite, saying oh hey I drew you a picture. Some of the stuff in like Latin America you just can’t believe that someone would put that much effort into making something for you, its kinda flattering but intimidating.

AMBY: Is there anything that not all fans know about you guys yet ?

Joe: I’m actually a crazy person.

Nick: We’re pretty fucking two-dimensional people.

AMBY and Pond: [laughs]

Joe: Haha, there you go there’s a secret.

Nick: We’re completely boring as back shit…naa I’m just talking shit buy y’know.

Joe: Ahh okay I’ve got one for the fans I’m a size UK 10 shoe, sooo if anyone wants to bring me shoes?

Jamie: Forget the pencil sketches we want shoes!

Joe: Keep them as light as possible for travel ability.

AMBY: Thanks guys for talking to us – enjoy the rest of the tour.

Pond: Cheers man.


Thank you Pond, for giving us your answers!

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