Getting Cozy With: Mike Evin

Mike Evin
Hey A Music Blog, Yea? readers!

Mike Evin here. I’m a piano pop singer-songwriter and squash player living in Toronto. Perhaps I can describe my music as what happens when you mix Ben Folds with the Meters. I love soul music, but I also love a well-crafted pop song. For some reason, I tend to keep writing songs that have an uplifting feeling to them – even when I’m singing about a relationship I want out of.

I just released the first song and video from my new album. The album’s called Life As A Lover and the song’s called “Have I Ever Loved?”. We filmed the video with an ensemble cast of seniors in their community of Sandy Cove, Ontario. People have mentioned how the video perfectly compliments the song and even makes it better. Really cool when that happens! Hope you dig it too. And I hope we stay in touch! Would love to see you at a show this coming year!

Thanks for checking out my music. Great to be included here!

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