Gimme Your Answers (Prism Prize): An Interview w/ Lee Stringle, director of Odonis Odonis’ “Order in the Court”

Lee Stringle
The Prism Prize is an award established to recognize the artistry of the modern music video in Canada. After watching hundreds of videos, a jury consisting of journalists, filmmakers, artists, and other members of the Canadian music and film industries voted for their favourite music video to win a Grand Prize of $5, 000.

With the Top 10 Best Canadian Music Videos of 2014 officially announced to the public, A Music Blog, Yea? were pleased when given the chance to interview the 2015 Prism Prize nominated filmmakers. In this interview, we speak with Lee Stringle — director of Odonis Odonis’ Order in the Court — to discuss their video’s highlights, favourite films, and dream collaborations. Read our interview below, and check out all of the other interviews here.

AMBY: Welcome to AMBY and congrats on being a Prism Prize nominee! Please explain to our readers how you first got into your industry.

Lee Stringle: Thank you.  I am very new to this industry, this is my first music video.  I got into it by deciding to do something different with my work.  I had the time to experiment because I was in between jobs, so I thought I’d try my hand at animation.  Fortunately, my good friend has a great band and I was able to collaborate with him.

AMBY: What inspired the story/concept told in your nominated video?

Lee Stringle: I’m a big fan of art history.  When I heard this particular song, the work of Bosch instantly came to mind and I thought it would be interesting to make his world animated.  Plus, half the work was done for me.

AMBY: What was one of the highlights you had while creating the video?

Lee Stringle: The highlight was seeing these characters move for the first time.  I spent hours cutting out characters and scenes in Photoshop and when it finally came time to animate, it was all worth while.

AMBY: Which other videos or films have you been enjoying lately?

Lee Stringle: I really like the Chad VanGaalen videos.  And Whiplash was one of my favourite films of 2014.

AMBY: If you could work with any other musician to collaborate on a new video with, which would you choose?

Lee Stringle: Probably the Quebec band Gorguts.  I loved their most recent album Colored Sands.  The Toronto band Thantifaxath are also excellent.

AMBY: Lastly, what’s something about you that nobody knows yet?

Lee Stringle: That my left foot is slightly larger then my right.   Maybe that’s common.


Thank you Lee Stringle, for giving us your answers!

Interview by Alicia Atout | @AliciaAtout

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