Getting Cozy With: Elliot Maginot

Elliott Maginot
Hey there!

I’d like to kick off this introduction by saying that A Music Blog, Yea? is the most amazing name ever.

So.. I’m Elliot Maginot, I’m from Montreal, I’m between 18 and 35 years old, I’m about 6 feet one, I don’t know how much I weigh.

So yeah, I’m a singer-songwriter. That basically means that I write a whole lot of shitty songs and every once in a while, a good one will come up. When that happens often enough, I make a record. So I recently made a record called Young/Old/Everything.In.Between. I’m pretty happy with it.

It is sad and epic and trippy and bouncy.

I could do a list of things I like but I’m sure that 99% of the artists out there would have pretty much the same: Bicycle, Reverb, books, cigarettes, New-York, Portlandia, cheese and nostalgia.

So yeah, be wild, be free and check out my new record!




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