Getting Cozy With: Kat Vinter

Kat Vinter
Kat Vinter was born 2 and a bit years ago shortly after I had moved to Berlin. The move was a spontaneous decision, I’d just spent two years in New York and then a few months going between London, Stockholm and Berlin. These cities had thriving songwriter communities and I guess I was searching for a place to fit in. Berlin won my heart and the people I met there really catapulted me into a new phase of my music creation. but it was damn cold! Being an Aussie in the Berlin winter really drove me into the studio, namely that of my current producer Hannes and great friend and fellow songwriter Laila. We ended up road tripping to Sweden and Norway and writing music in a tiny cabin surrounded by the snowy forest. Hence Kat Vinter, (Vinter is Norwegian for winter,) came about. If you want to know a good time lock yourself in a tiny wooden house for a month and restrict your daily activities to cooking, reading books and writing songs. No technology and really quick showers. Throw in a moose or two. This might be my version of heaven. Given the circumstances under which this project developed I feel as though my music and I might fit ok in Canada but you tell me :) Hoping to come visit soon so if anybody has a spare couch (or cabin!) let me know!!


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