Concert Review: The Wombats and Iffy Orbit @ Rockefeller Music Hall – Oslo

April 13th is the day. Well, the day that The Wombats are set to release their upcoming album Glitterbug. Ahead of this they have shared some great music videos to the songs Greek Tradegy and Give Me A Try as well as audio to a song titled Emoticons. Along to the album release, the three band members have now gone for a tour. Currently performing in Europe, before more UK and North American shows. We just went to watch them at concert in Norway and would like to share the thoughts with you before the next shows on the tour. Follow along to know a bit more about the live experience you can’t miss out!

First off is support act Iffy Orbit on stage. Iffy is a young Norwegian band that have been playing for a while in the underground and now swimming towards the surface. The band consist of five young guys and have played together since around 2012, but now is the time for shows and a EP-release coming up. The music moves in indie rock fun with a synth twist. When supporting The Wombats it is clear that this band got a plan and it is a promising one. They share a bunch of catchy songs with a most youthful energy. It is all about the high jumps and hair shakes. In salute to Biffy Clyro most fans will cry out Mon The Biffy! and with respect to both bands I now feel like saying Mon The Iffy! as well.

After a short break with crowd pleasing background music such as Chvrches, M83, and M.I.A’s Paper Planes, this gets the audience all dancey as it’s time for a group of wombats to take the stage. The lights darkens and smoke machines work their best. The Wombats literally jump into the fog on stage to great cheers from the venue. From that intro to the end they provide us with a smoke-filled atmosphere. The band perform the songs with a breathtaking high speed energy. Bassist Tord Øverland Knudsen jumps on stage with a great endurance. The energy is effective on the audience that try their best to jump along and you can feel the ground moving beneath you. I have been to quite a lot of shows at that venue and never felt to floor moving like this.

Matthew Murphy has this clear vocal that cuts through the room while handling guitars and synth, Dan Haggis rocks the drums, and Tord Øverland Knudsen runs the bass in the most energetic way possible. The band harmonize well and bring a fresh summer feeling accompanied with one of Murph’s flower decorated guitars. They share songs from the archive along with songs from the upcoming album. Jump Into The Fog, Emoticons, Technofan, 1996, Give Me A Try, Greek Tradegy, Kill The Director, they are all there. While performing live, The Wombats keep the good quality to the sound but add a bit of live rawness to it. The band is known to have a fine sense of humor and so it was nice to hear them dedicate a song to Postman Pat’s cat as well during the set. The audience seem to be more than pleased with what they get, for all I see is dance and arms wide open.

As a huge difference to the great live mood, the venue is letting people out after the show with tons of plastic cups scrambled together on the ground and the looks of heavy post-concert-depressions. Just like every great concert should end. Until the next one. After the gig I ask myself, why haven’t I watched The Wombats live in concert before this and wonder how many times will I get to see them future on.

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Review by Jules Faurschou | @rockonpoets

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