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Synthpop trio Prides had a hectic 2014, finishing their first headline tour and playing at the Commonwealth Games’ closing ceremony, band mates Stewart Brock (piano, lead vocals) Callum Wiseman (guitar, piano), and Lewis Gardiner (drums) have attracted the attention of many. Back on the road again touring the UK with sold out shows and new material at the ready, we got the chance to speak with the Glaswegians just before their final night of the campaign in Lincoln.

AMBY: So this is the last night of your second headline tour?

Stewart: Yes, the eagerly anticipated sequel

AMBY: What’s it been like?

Stewart: So far it’s been absolutely awesome man yeah, it’s been so good. All the shows have been crazy busy with loads of sell outs and just everybody really just getting into it. I think we’ve all said that this tour just feels totally different from anything we’ve ever done before. It’s the first time I think that people are really, really starting to get what we’re doing and connect with it and get involved. The shows have just been off the scale.

AMBY: The bands been together for three years now and your success seems to have recently almost exploded, what’s that been like?

Stewart: I suppose from like the beginning of last year everything’s just been a bit mental . Getting to the end of last year and just looking back certainly it felt like we achieved so much more than I think we thought we would. So yeah it’s been awesome and obviously the pressures on now because we’ve got to try and better it this year and keep it up.

AMBY: Have there been any venues in particular that have stood out to you guys or any nights that have been a bit special?

Stewart: We’ve been so lucky, we’ve had so many great nights.

Callum: The heaven place venue wise for me but the night of the tour has to be Sheffield on this tour.

Stewart: Yeah everyone just went off, but the same with Bristol, everyone just went mad. We had a stage invasion were like 50 people got on stage with us, and even just sort of going back to the last tour we had a night in Birmingham that was just mad.

Callum: Like we turned up at Birmingham and we were like “Why are all these people here?”.

Stewart: Yeah and that’s it we’ve just had so many good nights.

AMBY: Are there any stories you can tell us about any crazy nights?

Stewart: We’ve not been to crazy, not like killing people and trying to hide the evidence crazy anyway.

Callum: We’re pretty civilized (Laughs)

Stewart: Yea, a couple bottles of red wine and party all night… I have streaked a few times this tour though.

Callum: Didn’t I see you do a lap dance for somebody?

Stewart: I may have done a sexy birthday strip tease but y’know…erm we’ve not too bad, not done too bad.

AMBY: I’m sure you here this a lot but when are we going to be hearing an album soon?

Stewart: Yes! It’s for all intensive purposes done fingers crossed. We’re just looking at getting a few more singles out and working towards the album so fingers crossed it’ll certainly be this year, but maybe somewhere around summer time, it’s just going to depend on how things go really.

AMBY: Are there any songs on this album that your looking forward to be getting out there in particular?

Callum: We’ve got a couple we’ve been playing so far on this tour.

Stewart: Yea and there’s one we’ve started playing on this tour called “Just Say It” which has been going really really well and it would be nice to have a recorded version of that, y’know that people can get to know it a little bit better. But yeah there’s a couple that are really gonna connect with people I think.

Callum: Yea, your favourite track is one that we haven’t even played yet.

AMBY: And is there a chance we’ll be hearing that song tonight?

Callum: Erm no we haven’t even learned to play it yet.

Stewart: (Laughs) but it’ll come it’ll come.

AMBY: Can you tell maybe us a little bit more about this song?

Stewart: Well I reckon it’s going to be the song we end our festival sets with, It’s that good, it’s that good.

AMBY: Do you have a name for the track that you could maybe share with us?

Stewart: I could….but I’m not going to, I’m all about the T’s.

Callum: All about the strip-tease (laughs)

AMBY: You’ve got a really unique sound that’s quite different from a lot of music being played at the minute, how did that come about?

Stewart: It happened like I suppose most of these things happen, sort of by accident with a bit of trial and error. We started out me and Lewis as a two piece before we met Callum and were working on a kinda more atmospheric kinda electronic sort of thing. And with Callum being a guitarist that kind of lent itself into bringing in a bit more of a rocky and more edgy sound.

Then really since we’ve started playing live and people started connecting with it, that’s been a real focus for us. Song writing wise we just want to write songs that people are really going to get into. There’s a couple of things that have gone into it, there’s a really big 80’s influence, but then we all grew up with like pop punk and stuff like that as well so it’s really just a jumble of all kinds of nonsense.

AMBY: Who would you say are your biggest influences?

Stewart: Oh god, right, let’s just throw some names in the hat. errr.

Callum: From the 80’s?

Stewart: Peter Gabriel, The Cure, Kate Bush, Tears of Fears and Roxy Music

Callum: 90’s?

Stewart: From the 90’s?

Callum: or the next decade after that, so 2000’s

Stewart: Who’s the 2000’s…err Blink 182, Jimmy Eat world and I suppose all stuff like that and lots more really.

AMBY: Is there anyone you’d really love to see that you’ve missed out on?

Stewart: I missed seeing Kate Bush live, and I wake up every morning now just thinking “you idiot”.

Stewart: Prince! I’d love to see Prince he played the same night as us in Glasgow and that would just have been incredible.

Callum: I’d still love to see Fleetwood Mac play, there together the original line up now which would be great.

AMBY: Sorry to make you maybe re-live the moment but what made you miss out on the Kate Bush tickets?

Stewart: It was one of those things y’know like that tour sold out so quickly I would have had to be really on it. But I think it was just one of them moments where I knew it was going on sale, and then it was sold out and I’d totally missed it, so was like aww shit. But I woke up early and got Taylor Swift tickets so y’know swings and roundabouts.

AMBY: What’s one of the strangest things you’ve seen whilst being on tour?

Stewart: That’s a big question, we’ve seen quite a lot of strange things….that’s so tough…

Callum: Would be pretty hard to top my dreams.

Stewart: (Laughs) Erm maybe Nick wearing a blue curly wig firing plastic darts, or the birthday strip-tease, but maybe we shouldn’t really talk about that.

Lewis: We did a gig at the top of a mountain that was pretty surreal.

Stewart: yeah that was, we did a varsity trip show at the top of this mountain at a ski lodge thing.

Callum: And they had like a dog which was the weirdest thing. It was like a first aid rescue dog on the slopes that seemed like it was the size of a horse, but that might just have been the altitude.

Stewart: But I think that was all a lot weirder because of that strange gay bar we went in where that guy was trying to get us to go into his office…it got pretty dark (Laughs), but I think that’s all that story needs.

AMBY: Now before we let you go, could you tell us one thing that fans don’t necessarily know about the band?

Stewart: I’m not sure we really have any big secrets, were really quite boring, actually no were not were incredibly exciting.

AMBY: Thanks for speaking to us guys, hope you enjoy the gig tonight.

Stewart: Thanks man.


Thank you Prides, for giving us your answers!

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