You’ve GOT to Hear This: Passion Pit – “Where the Sky Hangs”

Passion Pit
Passion Pit just can’t wait for the music world to hear their Kindred, their third studio album and follow-up to 2012’s Gossamer. The synthpop outfit have already released the joyful “Lifted Up (1985)” from their forthcoming album, and now they share “Where the Sky Hangs”.

The new track from is a step down from “Lifted Up (1985)” and the playful and effervescent synthpop were used to from Passion Pit. “Where the Sky Hangs” is a midtempo tune, decidedly more leisurely but still packs a punch with colourful, bubbly synths, and features Michael Angelakos’ characteristic falsetto croon.

Kindred will be made available on April 21 through Columbia Records. Listen below to “Where the Sky Hangs” which features the album cover in motion and be sure to check out “Lifted Up (1985)” while you’re at it.

Review by Sean Carlin | @seancarlin89

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