Guest Post: The Maine discuss their love for music and the inspiration of Beach Slang

The MaineMaybe it’s the stars aligning, or my diet is in proper order, or maybe the ears on my head are just in dire need of epiphany, but no matter the reason, occasionally an album or artist will come along and make me fall in love with music all over again. I’m not talking about the, “I’ll actually buy this on iTunes” kind of dig, I’m talking the buy all the music, learn all the lyrics, tell all your friends, go to the show, buy a t-shirt, re-buy the albums on vinyl, come back home from the concert and spin em’ all kind of dig. Prior to making and performing music of my own, I was an avid concertgoer and overall audiophile. Perhaps growing up on, and behind stages over the past 8 or so years has brought upon some sort of jade (homemade short form of jaded, feel free to use) towards the show-going experience, but recently the jade has been lifted by one Philadelphia-based band. Beach Slang was first introduced to me by a dear friend, and fellow tune-perv (another homemade term), from California, prefacing the sound with similarities to a shared love of ours in a band called The Replacements, I was instantly hooked. Hooked like the first time I heard Harvest Moon, or Tattoo You, or you get the point, I fell in love. I found myself playing and replaying their two EP’s and jumping at every opportunity to commandeer an iPod or computer at parties to introduce everyone to MY new favorite band. It could be the sincerity in the recording, or how much I believe the singer when he sings, but whatever it is makes me feel a nostalgia similar to something I haven’t felt since high school. Being exposed to something that impacted me on such a level re-instilled my faith not in music, but in myself, knowing that my love for it has not left me. If nothing else, this is a sincere “Thank You” to Beach Slang for creating music that moves. Please dig on these tunes, I hope they move you like they have me.

What are some albums that have gripped you like no other?

Vibe on music! Vibe on life!

All the love my fellow humans,



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  1. Every time I watch this, it makes me love Kennedy more and more. I almost love this more than the music video. Thanks for share.

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