You’ve GOT to Hear This: Colony House – “Silhouettes”

Colony House
Franklin, Tennessee grown Colony House are an alternative-rock band made up of brothers Caleb (vocals) and Will (drums) Chapman, and guitarist Scott Mills. Influenced by U2, they describe their sound as “rock n roll with stripped down instruments”. They had released 3 EP’s but the single from their debut album When I Was Younger, is what started to give the band some recollection.

Silhouettes is full of innocence and optimism; an insanely catchy hook, peppy chorus, and shimmering strings pull the listener in to a securing warmth. According to brother Caleb, “Silhouettes is a steady reminder not to allow the dark moments in life to overshadow all the beautiful ones.” Bittersweet honesty with lyrics such as (“did you lose something? Or someone you love? You’ve still got that story, tell it every morning”) the image is painted of a heart with the reflection of memories cast on it. A definite summertime track creating scenes of cranking down the window and letting the warm summer breeze smack you in the face as you play it over and over.

If an album that consists of not just one distinct sound throughout but numerous different ones, witty and quality songwriting, and down to earth honesty about love and encouragement to then doing a complete one-eighty, then When I Was Younger is definitely an album to check out.

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Review by Jess Lofthouse | @jessslofthouse

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