You’ve GOT to Hear This: Ed Sheeran – “X”

Ed Sheeran
The roller coaster of emotions that I have gone through while listening to Ed Sheeran’s album X is unreal. This unusual attraction to the album makes listeners want to be happily in love with their soulmate, as shown in the song Photograph “we can keep this love in a photograph, we make these memories for ourselves”, or we just want to be locked up in a room to cry for the entire day as shown in Bloodstream “I’ve been looking for a lover thought I’d find her in a bottle”.  There really is just no in-between.

This album is ideal for hopeless romantics who come home after a long day and just yearn to be with the one that they love. Going through the tracks like One and Afire Love inspire and motivate people like myself to have hope that one day we will find someone who we so passionately love.The songs on this record make it evident that each relationship goes through its battle of anger and hopelessness, as shown in the song The Man. We learn that the lovey dovey stage in relationships doesn’t last forever and often much pain is caused. The record varies from the melodic tunes of anger and joy. Along with the album we are able to feel the same emotions as Mr. Sheeran is trying to portray.

Coming home from school on a rainy days is a day that I would love to listen to this album.  As on rainy days I feel so tired and lazy, I often just want to get home, lay in my bed and listen to sad songs much like the ones on X. This album is able to put me in a trance that takes me to a serene environment that is strongly needed after the hectic weeks that I have. The tranquilizing feeling that is associated with the album definitely makes me excited to see what is in store for Ed Sheeran’s next music move. A new set of songs to relax to is always ideal, especially when Ed Sheeran is able to provide those songs. This amazing artist has a beautiful, timeless record that will always be one of my favourites to listen to.

Review by Chahat Pannu | @ChahatPannu

4 thoughts on “You’ve GOT to Hear This: Ed Sheeran – “X”

  1. Absolutely…what an amazing review. I’ve never really taken the time to listen to the words and allow myself to get swept up in the array of emotions it inspires…until now! Thank you for this-felt like falling in love all over again with that special person and for those who hasn’t had the pleasure…it can sure make u yearn for that sort of intense passion that is love!!! U truly captured the real meaning of his music!

  2. Wow a great review. The way you spoke about each song is so on point. Makes me want to blast his album right now!! Great job!

  3. Great insight. Not familiar at all with the record but the Author did a great job providing an insight that makes me want to listen to the Album.

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