Getting Cozy With: Mass Sky Raid

Mass Sky Raid
Hey AMBY readers!

We’re Mass Sky Raid and we’re stoked to be on the screen in front of you!

Mass Sky Raid has always been about trying to create an even blend of the collective styles we love – somehow managing to sit outside the circles of manufactured FM pop, suburban hardcore, brooding folk and mind-crushingly-technical prog rock.

From the beginning, we always felt as though we did things a little differently. Rather than forming, writing a set, then hitting the live scene, we more or less searched for a studio as soon as we had enough songs for an EP – disregarding the fact we didn’t really have any sort of following at the time.

Our approach to producing music or any other piece of content is and has always been to never sacrifice quality for the sake of budget, which is why we chose to work with the crew at Loose Stones Studios on the Gold Coast. There’s no right or wrong way to produce music in today’s industry – only what you can afford at the time or what you’re willing to work towards.

We’re not writing music to suit a particular scene or trend and we’re not trying to create out own scene in return; we’re simply doing what we feel is right and creating music we love to hear on playback.


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