You’ve GOT to Hear This: Fyfe – “Solace”

‘Solace’ was the track that initially introduced Paul Dixon’s latest project ‘Fyfe’ to the world back in 2013. Now, Fyfe has released his debut record Control and we can’t get enough of this single.

Solace is a soft, experimental track which showcases Dixon’s best quality; his raw yet tranquil voice building exponentially on the low, throbbing beats making for a grand crescendo within the chorus. Though this description may make it sound similar to previous singles ‘For You’ and ‘Holding on’ – and in some respects it is – ‘Solace’ is far more about self-exploration and discovery than those, making for a far more emotionally moving track.

This theme of self-discovery ensures that the real focus of the track, are the mesmerizing lyrics. The softness of the beats only stands to emphasise Dixon’s incredible, affecting lyrics. The repetition of “Living isn’t easy, when you’ve been free and it’s taken away”, stands not to dull the meaning behind the words – as many choruses do, with overuse – instead it lifts the meaning of the song, with the message being reinforced into the listener constantly.

The beauty of the song lies in the fact that the beats, the voice, and the lyrics all merge seamlessly to create an electronica track, that while being polished doesn’t feel sparse or overproduced – Dixon seems to have found the balance he needed to create another gem.

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Review by Priyal Agrawal | @priyalagrawal

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  1. What does the song mean? I’m bad with meanings behind words but this is such an awesome song so i wanna know

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