Getting Cozy With: SURGE

Pieced together in retaliation to the the abundance of cremated bridges left billowing toxic smoke following the cataclysmic collapse of our many past, musical endeavors, we – collectively now as SURGE – for the first time, have beautifully and naturally collided at a catalysed rate, in a way that neither of us, with any previous music-led engagement, have truly achieved before.

Having been heavily likened to the jangly-guitar driven sound that dominated the Noughties, following the emphatic rise of The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes, we take pride in such comparisons, but where we don’t aim to entirely emulate our indie-predecessors, we do aspire to re-capture the very ‘bit-between-your-teeth’ essence that ran through the veins of such bands, in order to help rejuvenate the somewhat drab state of today’s ‘ruled by manufactured-pop’ music industry.

Tears of Joy is our first release since we officially formed the band and it is actually the very first track we wrote together for this new project. So, we are very grateful for the brilliant reaction we’ve had to it so far, and even more so because it was our very own bass player, David Smyth who was the guy tirelessly, yet very successfully, slaving away in Logic Pro – not a qualified music producer.

Separately, we are George King, Alan  Jones, Billy Fenton, and David Smyth – together we are SURGE.


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