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Hi to everyone at A Music Blog, Yea? (Your name is awesome.)We are WD-HAN, a three-piece alternative rock band from Tampa, Florida. Our members are Cal Henry on guitar, Lea Campbell on drums, and Spencer Barnes singing lead vocals. Our name stands for “We Don’t Have a Name”, because…why not? When trying to name the band we felt like everything we came up with sounded too much like a band name, so when “WD-HAN” was suggested and we all laughed our asses off, we went with it! Spence is from Australia, Cal from the Northeast, and Lea from the Northwest, but somehow we all met in high school and have been playing together since.

Our influences run the gamut of of old and new and a lot of what we do has a blues streak to it. I guess illustrating this is the fact that Cal has (literally) almost every Hendrix recording ever released, but on band trips we all still love to listen to newer acts like X Ambassadors, The Temper Trap, and Walk The Moon. With our music, we’re not trying to be a particular genre and when writing none of the choices are based on that, so it’s hard to quantify. But this is a music blog, so we probably should, huh? Ok fine… alternative pop rock, but it really is just about what we like to hear and what gets the message of the song across best.

Giving back is very important to us and a big part of what we’re about. The way we see it, music is our passion – so music for a good cause is as good as it gets. It’s pretty indiscriminate as long as we agree with the message and we’ve played gigs for just about any charity that has asked, from orphanages to cancer and so on. We’ve met some awesome people along the way and even got to spend 3 weeks last year touring and playing for schools in Taiwan to promote human rights awareness.

We had an incredible year in 2014, playing many gigs around our home state, as well recording and releasing our first full-length album, “Kings of Castles”. We worked with an amazing producer, Matt LaPlant, and we couldn’t be more stoked to share it with everyone. Currently we’re working on promoting that album, playing gigs and are soon to start writing again.

Great to meet you all, it’s an honor to be a part of your blog and we hope you like the music!

So long,

Spence, Lea, and Cal


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