You’ve GOT to Hear This: Imaginary Future – “Sunlight”

Imaginary FutureJesse Epstein is the musical mastermind behind Imaginary Future.  Since the release of his last album “Fire Escape,” he has been on a journey of love and happiness. While “Fire Escape,” is an album of introspection filled with softer melodies and a melancholic vibe, he’s brought something entirely new to his new album release “Sunlight”.

Three months after the release of “Fire Escape,” Epstein married his high-school sweetheart and musical artist, Kina Grannis. Most people are drawn to a good love story, but there’s something even more captivating about two souls who are drawn to each other through music.

The couple have recorded a few songs together, including “Forever on Your Side” which is featured on the new album.”Sunlight” is a musical love letter to Grannis. It is largely attributed to the growth he has experienced because of her and is an album that exemplifies love and passion. Each song on the album this filled with lyrics that tell a story about their relationship – one song for every year of their relationship.

If you’re looking for album to make you smile, you will definitely find it with “Sunlight”. The title is an excellent representation of the music and lyrics behind it. The album is the perfect mix of soft and sweet with “We Are the Love We Give”  and “Forever ” to a harder and upbeat vibe with “Real Love”, “Better Together” and “You Bring Me Home”.

The album is available on iTunes now and you can listen to “Forever On Your Side” to get a taste of Jesse and Kina’s love story below.

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Review by Emily Moorhouse

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