Getting Cozy With: Taylor Knox

Taylor Knox
Photo by Ashlea Wessel

Hi I’m Taylor Knox, a musician and songwriter from Toronto, Canada.  I have played in lots of wonderful bands including Golden Dogs, Hayden, Owen Pallett, Rich Aucoin, and Alvvays.
I just released my first solo record, an EP called “LINES” on March 31 2015.

LINES is 6 songs. The first 5 are classic power pop with crunchy guitars, bouncy basslines, powerful beats and lots of harmonies. The last one “Good Enough” is an acoustic ballad that is a little more sentimental. Who am I kidding…they are all pretty sentimental! But they rock too!

Some of my influences are Sloan, Oscar Wilde, Outkast, Neu, Rene Magritte, Rufus Wainwright, and Supergrass.

Enjoy the music!


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