Getting Cozy With: Tom West

Tom West
Hello friends!

My name is Tom West, I’m a songwriter from the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. I like to write songs with strong visual imagery, have a spirit of adventure about them and with lyrics that captivating and avoid cliches (most of the time!) I find myself inspired by the environment around me whether its countryside, cities or anywhere between but mostly from my relationships with people, in a broad sense.

Musically, I like vocal harmonies and lush instrumentation. To the best extent possible (sometimes it’s not) I like to make an audio landscape that matches the scale and mood of a song. I’ll be touring as a duo and three piece for my upcoming shows so it will be a fun challenge to see how we pull off those soundscapes live.

I’m excited to be visiting Canada again for my longest trip yet, but if of course could be longer! I’ll be playing as part of the Canadian Music Week conference in Toronto for a bunch for shows before visiting Ottawa, Montreal and Vancouver.

I’d love for you to have a listen to my stuff, try my SoundCloud stream, or you’ll can get my upcoming EP through iTunes on April 28th. If you’re interested in seeing a show you can check




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