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BRAWLERS released their debut album titled ‘The Romantic Errors of Our Youth’ on April 6th via Alcopop! Records. This much anticipated full-length followed their 2014 EP ‘I Am A Worthless Piece Of Shit’ which, teamed with a heavy touring schedule, infectious disposition for good times and intent to spread the good word of rock ‘n’ roll, earned the band loyal fans all over the UK and saw them cited in Kerrang!’s ‘20 Hottest Bands In The World Right Now’, among other glowing accolades. AMBY was lucky enough to catch up with frontman Harry before the record was released and talk about the new record, nostalgia, paid meet and greets, and more.

AMBY: So you guys formed from some pretty diverse bands, what was the common love that bonded you together?

Harry: Honestly? Each other. We’ve been best friends for a real long time and the whole Brawlers thing was borne out of just wanting to spend more time with one another and drink heaps of free beer.

AMBY: Coming from different genre bands, do you feel this is what created this unique sound that you guys currently have?

Harry: Well, I guess. We almost literally have no musical taste in common, I love death metal, Matt is the biggest Beatles fan there is, Ant loves grime (not just because he’s black) but at the same time I don’t think we’re reinventing the wheel with Brawlers, I think it’s just pop music with guitars, but we live in a world where here is such a need to pigeonhole everything, it’s frustrating at times.

AMBY: After what release or song, did you realise you had something brilliant as a band?

Harry: We still don’t think we are in a ‘brilliant’ band! I guess our ‘career’ has taken off pretty quickly here in the UK, so we knew we were onto something that people want to listen to…

AMBY: The forthcoming album ‘Romantic Errors of our Youth’ is beautifully jarred and spiky in its guitar, edgy, lyrically sharp, and frantic. Can you tell us more about what themes, influences and sound you were trying to capture in the record?

Harry: OK, so the whole record is about regret and looking back on the nostalgia of relationships. The other day I tried to watch Homeward Bound, that movie? I remember it being so awesome when I was 7 but it’s just shit. Same with certain video games and songs from your youth? So I think it’s the same with relationships, we put a certain romanticism on past relationships, the record is kind of a joking, self-deprecating analysis of that whole Relationship Nostalgia. (It’s basically an ode to me being a fucking maniac to date).

AMBY: Your about to embark on a European-wide tour with Set it Off? How much are you looking forward to these shows?

Harry: A lot!!! 4 best friends in Europe in a van? That’s the dream! I’ll be surprised if one of us doesn’t die because we like to party and I think there feels like a lawlessness in Europe as a British person…

AMBY: What do you feel makes a great live show? Everyone talks about how great your live shows are and that they remain special akin early Gallows. What’s the craziest thing to ever happen at one of your live shows?

Harry: Well our view is always that you should ‘see’ a show that’s different completely to ‘listening’ to a record, you know? Plus, we LOVE these songs, so we can’t stand around like The National at shows… Crazy things seem to happen a lot at shows, I think it’s because we’re an accessible pop band that likes to cut loose – and everyone needs to cut loose! Some pretty crazy stuff happens backstage but my favourite moment was at a beautiful summer festival last year I woke up asleep on a pallet crate next to a lake, almost naked with a 6 pack of beer next to my head….

AMBY: Your tee designs are pretty wicked, are they done by yourselves or a very talented friend?

Harry: We have a million amazingly talented friends but our buddy Drew Millward designs them, check him out he fucking rules.

AMBY: What’s your stance on VIP meet and Greets to bands? Are you for or against and why?

Harry: It’s dumb because I actively want to meet our fans. The idea of charging them for the pleasure is moronic.

AMBY: You’ve said that you’ve wanted to be “fun, energetic, urgent but singing about things we all talk about when we’re drunk at the bar”, people are notorious for being pissed and talking shit at the bar. Have you had to ditch any ideas for songs because your sober selves kick and ask, why the fuck would anyone be interested in that?

Harry: Story of my life dude, story of my life.

AMBY: Finally, this is the question we ask everyone who we interview at A Music Blog Yea?. What’s something about the band that nobody knows yet?

Harry: On our EP there’s a song called I Am a Worthless Piece of Shit. In the chorus I sing ‘if you see Amy Gorman say hello from me’ – she just moved to Leeds last month where we live and she has no idea there is a song about her still! Hahahahaha!!!


Thank you Brawlers, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Richard Samuel | @rich_dbno

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