Getting Cozy With: FRANKIE

Hello my lovelies and new listeners on A Music Blog, Yea?!!!

I’m FRANKIE and in my downtime in life, aka all day every day, I write songs and play shows!! My other hobbies include indulging in anything carbohydrate related or fried and attempting to recreate my favorite food dishes as well as trying to skateboard next to my friends who can actually skateboard.

I have an EP, Dreamstate, which is coming soon and I’m super excited because it’s an intro into my brain as well as musical world. I super idolize women in music such as Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell, the ABBA babes, and of course The Spice Girls. I’m a songwriting fanatic and write everything you hear on the songs that are currently out as well as the upcoming EP because I want you to actually get to know ME.

Goal for the year is to tour the EP around the country and get to know all my wonderful listeners and share each other’s life stories and get all kinds of weird together…

Hope you enjoy what you hear and can’t wait to dance with you!!! xoxo


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