You’ve GOT to Hear This: Everything Everything – “Regret”

Everything Everything
“Did you think that everything, everything would change?”

Jonathan Higgs sings this refrain in amongst a chorus of meticulously constructed pop brilliance that is so quintessentially Everything Everything that the first time you hear it, you grin at that knowing wink and nudge – they haven’t changed, they’ve just perfected their form. Regret is a great song for its simplicity and its hidden intricacy.

It sits under 3:30 like any single conventionally ‘should’ and it also folds it’s arms and says no to that same convention check list when it flies off into a seasick middle section. Then there’s that solo…

This band know how to toy with all the right parts of pop music and culture, creating consistently clever art rock that ultimately deserves more attention.  Yet another finely crafted weirdo pop gem; they even got away with some borderline We Will Rock You-ism!

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Review by Matthew Pease-Bower | @OPLband

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