Getting Cozy With: CANVAS

Photography by Malcolm Brown

Hello everyone out there. This is Chris from CANVAS, a synthy indie-rock band from Toronto whose music has been described as Electro-Springsteen meets Grouplove. You can describe us however you like though. We enjoy touring in harsh conditions and performing for initially indifferent and eventually inebriated audiences who lower their guard, tap their feet and subconsciously get into our music before consciously approaching us and telling us that they were impressed enough to approach us and tell us that they were impressed. We also enjoy a little extra bit of attack on the kick drum when possible, preferably in the 6-7k range, as well as applying our extensive knowledge of the Tim Horton’s nutritional guide to maintain a reasonable daily sodium intake.

How did we get here? Good question. I used to play guitar and sing in the bands The Framework (Last Gang) and FIRExFIRE, before I fronted CANVAS. One foggy day in April I sat down and wrote an album, and when it was done, went out and put together a band to play it live. There was no plan or direction in mind, just a.. blank canvas and a pocketful of ambition, lint and if I was lucky, a guitar pick.

We have been finalists for a few music festival awards, and even won one, so some people out there think we’re not half-bad live. Some of our songs have also been finalists in songwriting contests. So they might be pretty okay too, but you be the judge.

Our music blends elements from a lot of different influences, from Depeche Mode to The Strokes to Spookey Ruben. Our first single released last year was described in the press as “A monster record”, and “Catchy as hell”. That made us feel good.

We recently released our debut full-length album ‘sticktoitiveness’, which I wrote, recorded and produced in my studio.

Looking forward to seeing you anyone and everyone out at one of our shows. Check out to find out more about us, cheers.



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