You’ve GOT to Hear This: Valley – “WAL”


“Finding balance is an art in itself, but as we move forward as people, musicians and Valley, we will always remember to look at the big picture and put every challenge and triumph in perspective.” – Valley

As music enthusiasts we discover new musicians quite frequently, but I especially love discovering bands/artists that are fresh and local. A while back I came across a band on Twitter that peaked my curiosity and all I can say is that they sound fantastic! “Valley” consisting of Michael Brandolino, Karrah James, Rob Laska, Ben Lee and Alex Dimauro, grew up in Burlington and Oakville Ontario. These best friends started their music careers playing on “shoe box drum kits and elastic band guitars”. Before Valley, two separate bands named Cars & Guitars and National Parks were accidentally double booked at a local studio and from that point forward, with a combination of uniqueness and versatility between them comes the birth of Valley.

With influences such as The Arkells, The 1975, Bombay Bicycle Club, and Sam Roberts, Valley’s sound can be described as melodious, smoothing, and well textured. As soon as I began to listen to their music I fell in love with a song called “WAL”, why you ask? Well the song is very harmonized and poppy, and Valley’s lyrics are easily relatable and indelible. When I listen to “WAL” I picture myself vegging out on the coastal sands of the Caribbean. It’s always a treat to stumble upon great music and I promise that you will be adding Valley to your playlist very soon.

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Review by Josh Bruder | Website

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