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Young Rising Sons

Hailing from New Jersey, the up-and-coming band Young Rising Sons embarked on their first co-headline tour with Halsey this March. Still riding off of their ‘High’ EP, they’ve been touring non-stop for about 8 months. On the second to last stop of their latest tour, we sat down and had a chat with their guitar player, Dylan Scott. Enjoy:

AMBY: It’s Emilie from AMBY and we’re here with Dylan from Young Rising Sons! Thank you for sitting down with us.

Dylan: Thank you!

AMBY: You guys are wrapping up the American Youth Tour tomorrow in Boston. How has the tour treated you?

Dylan: It’s been awesome! It’s been a really fun camaraderie of people. I’ve known Halsey for a long time, I worked with her really early on. We wrote a bunch of songs together, including her single “Ghost”. So it felt like a very natural feeling to be consumed by the people you’ve surrounded yourself with from the beginning.

AMBY: When you’re touring, would you rather hit more cities with a shorter set, or less cities with a full set?

Dylan: More cities with a shorter set.

AMBY: Is there any reasoning behind that?

Dylan: Yeah, I feel like there’s just more to offer. That’s a hard question… I guess I would say more cities so that kids have the ability to see us play, even if it’s just for half an hour.

AMBY: How do you guys keep boredom away when you’re on tour? Do you have any inside jokes or running gags between you and the crew?

Dylan: There’s always inside jokes. I’m trying to think of one now. My favorite one is when I make fun of Anthony, our tour manager. I say “Straight up real talk low key!” because he always says that. That’s my favorite one; you can print that.

AMBY: International fan pages have been popping up for you guys lately, especially on twitter. Have you guys felt this surge in popularity on this tour? If so, how?

Dylan: Yeah, it’s been awesome. We came off of a tour on which we were very fortunate to gain fans from. So this tour is kind of refilling our ability to fill rooms (venues) and have people come. We’re gaining in popularity slowly, but at a steady pace, which is a good thing.

AMBY: Fan interactions are shifting towards video calls during shows, tattoos, and so-called “squad pics”. Do you find these things especially endearing, or slightly overwhelming?

Dylan: I don’t find them endearing nor overwhelming. I find them to be disrespectful in way where someone should appreciate the artist for what they do as well as their music, which is what they do. They should do this rather than focusing on being on their phone the whole time and watching through a screen. You look at them through a screen all the time, so why would you look at them through a screen when they’re on the stage (in front of you). So I think there’s a level of disrespect to that.

AMBY: Do you have anything that you all bond over other than music?

Dylan: Sports.

AMBY: Which sports in particular?

Dylan: Hockey, football, fantasy football, and TV shows and movies. We’re all best friends so we like and talk about things that aren’t music all the time. Hockey is a big one though.

AMBY: You have been a band for almost 6 years now. Has anything changed significantly since the start?

Dylan: Yeah, we used to play shows in this venue for 5 or 6 people, and now we’re able to come here and have people know who we are. So that’s really cool. We got a record deal which was very cool. We’ve definitely garnered a fanbase that’s continued to evolve with us, so we’re very excited about that.

AMBY: Is Young Rising Sons a description of the band or more of a promise towards your future?

Dylan: I would say it’s more of a promise towards our future. We’re always working hard to make sure that we are always taking the next step and improving ourselves. So, I think you could say that it’s more of a look into the future of wanting to continue to rise, if you will.

AMBY: Over your years of being a band, would you say your personal sound is still developing, or have you solidified it?

Dylan: Our personal sound, as a band, is still developing. I think, no matter what kind of artist you are, it’s always going to develop. Because otherwise you’ll just get very very bored. And I think everybody’s ideals are always shifting. So no, I don’t think we’ve solidified a sound, and we really never will.

AMBY: Your EP seems to have a focus on more positive things throughout. Will this carry over into your upcoming album?

Dylan: The album will definitely create more human emotions than just happiness and positivity. If you listen to our songs on the EP, they are very positive and everything, and they just represent the way we felt at that time, and the songs that we’re writing now represent the way that we feel now. We’re touring and doing something that we’ve never done before, and it becomes somewhat overwhelming. It garners a whole system of activity that we’ve gone through. I think that many people will be pleasantly surprised with some of the songs on the album.

AMBY: How do you look at music from a writing perspective? Do you try to focus on the trends in the industry, or do you focus more on your connection to the craft?

Dylan: We try to focus on our personal connection to it. It’s very hard to disregard a trend in the industry; it’s not an easy feat. Especially when you’re first coming out. It becomes very difficult to not want to compete with other groups. But at the same time, you want to be ahead of the curve. We definitely try to always push the limits on what we do without remaining too far outside the box.

AMBY: Do you have any last things you want to say to your fans and readers of AMBY?

Dylan: I just want to say, expect the album in July, and we’ll be putting out a new single sooner than that. So, I hope everybody’s excited. And thank you so much for the interview!

AMBY: Thank you for sitting down with us. We’ll see you next time!


Thank you Young Rising Sons, for giving us your answers!

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Interview by Emilie Weinerman | @awarrenwriting

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  1. Great interview! Sounds like these guys are very focused and dedicated, and have a very successful future in store.
    I enjoyed reading the transcript. Well-written and enjoyable.

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