You’ve GOT to Hear This: Peter Katz – “We Are The Reckoning”

Peter Katz
I first listened to Peter Katz’ music leading up to the 2012 JUNO Awards, where ‘Peter Katz: Live at the Music Gallery’ was nominated for the Music DVD of The Year – I’ve been a fan ever since.

March 27, 2015 marked the release of the 33-year old Montreal native’s third album, “We Are The Reckoning,” which was co-produced by Royal Wood and Bill Lefler, and I am very happy to report that he once again knocked it out of the park.

The incredibly touching music video for the lead single ‘Brother’ (a duet with Royal Wood) quickly made the rounds online and has already been viewed over 100,000 times, and for good reason. Their vocal and musical styles both work and play off each other in a way that’s far superior to any joint performance that I could ever give with my actual brother.

‘We Are The Reckoning’ shows how much Peter has matured as a songwriter, with a great mix of radio-friendly, foot -tapping, finger-snapping, sing-alongs, interlaced with ambient piano-driven tracks. I for one won’t be surprised to see more Canadian Folk Music Awards, or JUNO nominations coming his way for this record.

Review by Tim Fraser | @MurdochMusicMGT

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