You’ve GOT to Hear This: The Technicolors – “Ultraviolet Disguise”

The Technicolors
I recently had the pleasure of seeing The Technicolors open for The Maine on tour, and I was blown away by both their stage presence and music they performed. After the show, I met frontman Brennan Smiley and bassist Mike (Nico) Nicolette, who are genuinely very kind and friendly people, and bought their new EP Ultraviolet Disguise. Honestly, buying this EP is one of the best decisions I have made after a late night concert. Ultraviolet Disguise starts off with “Love You Someday”, which employs an amazing contrast between heavy guitar riffs, drums, and softer lyrics. The song screams true 90’s rock.

“Tonight You Are Mine” has a sultry backtrack reminiscent of The Arctic Monkeys, and I found myself nodding along the entire time. “Heavy Leather” is quite different to the other songs on the EP. The lyrics and tone show a flirtier bad-boy image, in contrast to the playful vibes the band usually displays. “Feels Like Trouble” reminds me of seminal
80’s rock anthems, while the lyrics and tune are softer in comparison. The last song is “This Time Around”, an acoustic track that closes the EP beautifully. Smiley’s voice croons lyrics like “Maybe I don’t see the light/but maybe I’ll be alright this time around” , and as the song draws to a close, we can truly see how diverse and talented The Technicolors are.

Ultraviolet Disguise showcases so many different dimensions to the band, from garage rock to emotional acoustic songs. It’s so successful in part because their music is so different to what we expect nowadays. Although the EP is only 5 songs long, I expect that we will be seeing great things coming from The Technicolors in the future.

Review by Chantel Lui | @arkeIIs

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